Chapter 2: 4x4

That’s my baby, right there, L’il Red. Fixed her up myself from nothing more than a beat-up old frame that I found down in the La Mesa reservoir channel. She’s not the fastest yet (just wait until I get that supercharger attached, though) but she can climb up about any grade a person can. I think the picture is pretty cool, with the straight letter Los Santos and all. I don’t know who the writer was for that by the way. Wink wink.

Like a true woman L’il Red takes up most of my money it seems, but she’s worth it. Sometimes I’ll take her up to the Grand Senora and do some dune bashing or even some mudding if it’s been raining out. I’m lacking a winch at the moment so I don’t do any serious rock crawling or anything though. Most of the time I’m either two-tracking the hill trails outside of La Mesa or doing some concrete jungle riding down in the reservoir channels. We’ve got a pretty good course set up we can run when the water’s down so if you want to give it a go just let me know. I don’t race for pinks, though.
I’ve been looking for an off-road crew to ride with but there ain’t too many guys into 4x4 down here in La Mesa. Most are into muscle or sports cars, which I like, too, but I ain’t getting rid of L’il Red for nothing. I don’t mind off-roading by myself but it would be cool to do a ridge ride with a pack.